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“Hey, our common friend the coffee monster told me to come and talk with you.” Clint chuckles and sits down.





“Oh yeah? Were there specifics? Did you leave him with plenty of caffeine?” Summer glances up from her laptop, grinning. “Or is this him doing that thing where he’s afraid he’ll screw it up if he tries to … make his friends be friends?”

“Thank you.” Clint sits down and leans back on the cushions. “Well, he’s familiar. I was very close with Tony,” he responds. “So, what’s the other me been doing, do you know?” Is he still working with SHIELD. Should I be hiding again. Those are few what he wants to ask but he does not want to reveal too much yet. “Is there a problem with me getting close to him? Has he spoken of me?” he inquires instead.

Summer shakes her head. “I honestly couldn’t tell you what Agent Barton is doing. Not only is he higher level than I am, but the stuff he does and the stuff I do doesn’t remotely overlap. The last rumour I heard put him with Agent Romanoff and the Captain, though.”

She studies him, chin in her hands. “Tony talks about everything,” she says, deliberately evasive. “He’s talked about you before, but so much has happened … I don’t mind you getting close to him, but,” she hesitates. “You do know who the other member of our little trio is, don’t you?”

Clint listens to her attentively and is only little disappointed at not finding out more, as he wasn’t really expecting much to start with. The hawk lets out a small sigh, running his fingers through his hair, pondering on his choices. “It’s okay, I wasn’t sure you’d know. We are not in the easiest job to be found out much of,” he answers, ignoring her mention of the Black Widow and Captain completely. The way she avoids telling him of Tony stings a lot but he knows she has no reason to offer trust or information for him, especially when he’s practically a stranger to her. 

Clint doesn’t like admitting his lack of knowledge but can do little else currently in his situation. “I don’t know who your third is or that you even had one but I have nothing against triads. I was happily part of one myself. Our triad was not well received mostly due to the third person being who he was. We had our troubles but stayed together through them all until..” His voice trails off and he turn his head away to hide the tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

“Hey, hey,” she says softly, and puts a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay. Maybe you can find them again. I’m sure Tony can help with that.” She squeezes, mildly bemused at the muscle under her hand.

“You might not want to stay here, after all. You see … Loki lives here.”