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I’m not leaving, but I’m letting go. There’s so many people on here — I want to be just as important to them as they are to me. I flinch inside everytime I see the post about “I want a ship where I constantly have ideas” etc. because I’m the person who does that. Constantly having ideas, I want to be important — I want to feel like I’m not the one doing all the work. That someone would come to me. I’m not pointing out anyone specific, I’m not. It’s me. I know that.

So I’m just … I have to make myself go back to holding with an open hand. I’ve been clutching madly, being desperate for attention, and I have to stop. I’m /not/ alone, I’m not lonely, I’m just obsessed sometimes.

So just … if I’ve tagged you, it’s just so you know, that I’m sorry, and I’m letting go. I’ll stop holding on so much, and just step back, and let you come to me if you want to. And if you don’t come it’s okay. I promise.