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plot ;; sweet innocent girl who loves to wear dresses and skirts is dating the punk dude that has tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair but is always nice to her and gives her a lot of love and is also VERY protective over her in public and makes sure that all the guys know that she’s his ( via kissing her neck, holding her hand, hands on her waist, long kisses. )


Summer couldn’t take her eyes off Isaac. He;d /changed/, over the summer — from shy, sweet, almost puppy-like to fierce, his arms and shoulders marked with tattoos she wanted a closer look at. His hair, once so curly and dark, was brightly coloured and spiky, contrasting attractively with the piercings in his eyebrow and ears. She thought she’d seen a tongue piercing, as well.

She kept peeking at him over her book, biting her lip and ducking away whenever it looked like he might be looking back. He probably didn’t like people staring at him. Whatever had changed, though, it looked good on him; he smiled more, and had a cluster of friends now.