I feel owe this, somehow. I hate that feeling. Just scroll if you don’t care.

I majored in English. I majored in English to be a writer and an editor. Spelling and grammar are, literally, instinctive for me, and I can easily be turned off of someone’s writing if those instincts get aroused.

I’m not looking at your writing checking for mistakes. But I do see them. I can’t /ignore/ them, in my own mind. Usually, when I’m roleplaying with someone, I silently correct errors, and move on. When I point out a mistake, although this is damn hard to convey in type, I /am/ trying to be polite, helpful, and gentle. I do /not/ comment on any mistake in spelling or grammar to make someone feel bad. I /know/ very few people have my ability in this area, and I’d really rather not /be/ reminded of all the reasons why people hate me, thanks all the same. I’m not trying to demonstrate how much better I am, or how much you suck: I genuinely want to help you.

If wanting to help people, albeit clumsily as text enforces, is a mistake, I’ll … take the risk and continue to make that mistake. I’ll issue sincere apologies as needed to people whom I hurt, and the rest of you … well, basically you can go jump off a cliff with your assumptions about my motivations.