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My apologies to the shy folk who use anon to roleplay. I’m turning it off. I refuse to waste spoons on this bullshit for another two weeks. I don’t have the patience to deal with the results of a childish tantrum from someone who refuses to confront the source of their problems.

You didn’t listen. I said I wasn’t going to respond to anons on the subject with anything other than Shakespearean insult cats. I said if you had a problem with me you should bring it to me directly, instead of hiding behind anonymity or libeling me behind my back.

You want me to change? You want me to grow up? Then treat me like someone capable of that. Treat me like you expect me to be able to learn and grow. If this is how you teach your children right from wrong, standards of behaviour, I feel sorry for anyone around you or them.

It’s an actual genuine question, and literally everyone who has ever met or heard of you wants to know the real reason.

I’ll thank you not to libel my actual friends while I hand you the weapons to cut me down with.

See, the real question you’re asking is this: why do I want to be treated like I’m important. You want to know why I think I can act like the popular kids.

I don’t have enough fingers to count the threads I’m waiting on, the people I’m waiting on. The ones I haven’t said word one to, because every day I remind myself that they have lives too, that they just posted that they haven’t done all their drafts, that I’ve not been forgotten or ignored, that I too have struggled with responses, that two weeks (or three or four or six or ten) really isn’t that long.

So you bring me some proof where I’ve been too impatient, where I haven’t waited for weeks for some acknowledgement. You point out to me where I’ve sworn at someone, called them ugly names (‘cum-guzzling whore’ comes to mind) — done more than go to them after weeks and ask, ‘am I going to get a reply?’

If someone sees that as me making them feel bad, I feel sorry for that person when they have to deal with the ‘real world’. 

Why do I ask people about responses? Because you people seem to forget, in your prating about how this is just for fun, your constant commentary about taking care of oneself, your psas about not being nagged and how it’s okay to say ‘no’ — you forget that roleplay is not a solitary exercise. You forget that the things you feel, as you anxiously await the responses to your threads and asks, as you desperately admire another roleplayer or yearn to rp with a particular character or faceclaim — you forget that everyone else is probably feeling the same things about you.

I’m not sorry for wanting to be treated as important. I’m not sorry for asking for attention.

And I’m not in the least sorry for deciding I’m done with being the scapegoat this time around. I refuse to turn off anon, but if anyone wants to have a dialogue with me about this stuff from now on, they need to have an account. Anything else like this is going to get Shakespeare insult cats, and that’s all. I don’t have the spoons to be constantly shoring myself up against this.

This isn’t a hate message. This is a neutral party simply inquiring and offering a bit of insight into what I’ve noticed you’ve been having a problem with for a while. Specifically about people that only roleplay selectively; like I do. I’ve ignored messages before, but its not out of spite. I only ignore them because I have extreme social anxiety. Telling people ‘no’, telling them I don’t want to RP with them is something incredibly difficult for me. Not all of us can be so direct or honest.

I hear you. It’s not something I can understand easily; my social anxiety isn’t that intense.

I would suggest to you, and others like you, though — if you are going to put yourself in a situation where you must interact with others, such as rp, even selectively, being able to tell people ‘no thank you’ is a place you should push yourself. Yes, it will be hard, god it’ll be hard. But you will not get better without trying, and you’ve already made a huge effort in being a roleplayer at all.

There is a difference between feeling naturally and humanly upset about someone ignoring you and responding in a manner that is inappropriate. I know you don’t listen to reason or logic, but regardless of how you were upset (and let’s face it with what you went through anyone would be), you responded on multiple occasions in ways that were grossly inappropriate. More than that, your handling of situations that should not garner such responses were responded to with an unnecessary maliciousness.