“Kitsune?” she repeated. “A fox spirit? I thought kitsune were shapeshifters, so how can you be stuck that size? Just shift back.” She mirrored his posture, frowning slightly. “And why are you /here/?”

The Kitsune glared at her. “You think I haven’t tried that, useless human?!” He was outraged, how could she think that he hadn’t exhausted those options. His whole run away from that horrible pack consisted of trying to shift to normal size. Apparently, exuding the boy, Stiles, and taking over ownership of the Oni had exhausted his powers. Not to mention he had no idea what those wolves had done to him. “It was the closest place of refuge,” he said in a dull voice. 

“I am much bigger than you, so you might want to moderate your words,” Summer commented. She put her hands on either side of the wee fox. “Do I want to know why you’re seeking refuge?”

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