the Tale of Sir Isaac



“The farther the better,” she said fervently. She patted Buttons’ neck. “Your poor horse, having to carry both of us, and in a hurry, too.” Buttons whuffled and plodded on. They didn’t actually stop very often, once or twice for water, once for lunch, a few times to relieve themselves. As dusk began to close in, they emerged from the Wolf Forest into an area of carefully tilled fields. A castle loomed in the distance.

“Is that it?” she asked softly, waking from a slight doze.

“Neither of us are particularly heavy, Summer, but I’ll be sure to spoil him when we reach our destination…I usually do anyway. That blasted horse and his treats,” he murmured fondly and scratched behind Button’s ears, before gently kissing Summer on the neck.

Hours later, once night had fallen and Isaac once again felt the tempting pull of sleep, they finally approached the castle, and he smiled. “That’s home, yes. It’s a sight for sore eyes, I can tell you that. When I was small, I wanted nothing more than to play in there, you know?”

“Did you not grow up there?” Summer asked, surprised. 

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