the Tale of Sir Isaac



It really wasn’t very long at all before they were packed up and ready to go. There was no way to disguise the face that someone had camped there, but she hoped their trail would be obscure enough to prevent Sir Kit from catching up to them easily. The villagers would deceive him as much as they could, she knew, but the one thing Sir Kit was good at was hunting.

Concealing her worry from Sir Isaac, she let him assist her to mount Buttons — sitting before him instead of behind — and they set off through the Wolf Forest again. She let herself rest back against him with a little thrill. After a time, she asked, ‘How far is it to your lord’s castle?”

Sir Isaac’s eyes scanned their surroundings, a frown settling on his face as he took in the obvious sights that someone had camped here. The smoking embers of their watered out fire were the biggest indication, as well as the hoof marks etched into the dry ground, and the flattened grass. But they’d done the best they could in tidying up, and now would be the best time to continue on before he changed his mind.

“Perhaps a day’s travel at most? Providing we only stop for the necessities, then we should more than likely reach there by nightfall,” he stated and wrapped his arms around her waist to grab at the reins. “Okay?”

“The farther the better,” she said fervently. She patted Buttons’ neck. “Your poor horse, having to carry both of us, and in a hurry, too.” Buttons whuffled and plodded on. They didn’t actually stop very often, once or twice for water, once for lunch, a few times to relieve themselves. As dusk began to close in, they emerged from the Wolf Forest into an area of carefully tilled fields. A castle loomed in the distance.

“Is that it?” she asked softly, waking from a slight doze.

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