the Tale of Sir Isaac



Whomever it was, they went away shortly after, and there was silence from without again. Summer lifted a shaking hand and stroked Isaac’s hair, body occasionally twitching with aftershock. “Shall we do this forever, while the guards turn away everyone?” she whispered, laughing a little. “Even you must become bored of me eventually.”

“I like the sound of that.” He beamed up at her and flicked out his tongue to lick at his messy, puffy lips, not at all bothered about cleaning up just yet as they lay comfortably tangled together in the aftermath. “And I could never be bored of you — you light me up in every way, you know?” he murmured and cuddled into her side, nuzzling at her fingers as they threaded in his hair, his hands curling protectively around her hips.

“You say such sweet things … ” she murmured slowly, smiling. “No one else says such things to me.” She tried to summon up the energy to roll over, to roll him over, and didn’t quite make it, leaving them more tangled together than ever. “I suppose we should get up eventually.”

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