This isn’t a hate message. This is a neutral party simply inquiring and offering a bit of insight into what I’ve noticed you’ve been having a problem with for a while. Specifically about people that only roleplay selectively; like I do. I’ve ignored messages before, but its not out of spite. I only ignore them because I have extreme social anxiety. Telling people ‘no’, telling them I don’t want to RP with them is something incredibly difficult for me. Not all of us can be so direct or honest.

I hear you. It’s not something I can understand easily; my social anxiety isn’t that intense.

I would suggest to you, and others like you, though — if you are going to put yourself in a situation where you must interact with others, such as rp, even selectively, being able to tell people ‘no thank you’ is a place you should push yourself. Yes, it will be hard, god it’ll be hard. But you will not get better without trying, and you’ve already made a huge effort in being a roleplayer at all.

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