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This isn’t a hate message. This is a neutral party simply inquiring and offering a bit of insight into what I’ve noticed you’ve been having a problem with for a while. Specifically about people that only roleplay selectively; like I do. I’ve ignored messages before, but its not out of spite. I only ignore them because I have extreme social anxiety. Telling people ‘no’, telling them I don’t want to RP with them is something incredibly difficult for me. Not all of us can be so direct or honest.

I hear you. It’s not something I can understand easily; my social anxiety isn’t that intense.

I would suggest to you, and others like you, though — if you are going to put yourself in a situation where you must interact with others, such as rp, even selectively, being able to tell people ‘no thank you’ is a place you should push yourself. Yes, it will be hard, god it’ll be hard. But you will not get better without trying, and you’ve already made a huge effort in being a roleplayer at all.

There is a difference between feeling naturally and humanly upset about someone ignoring you and responding in a manner that is inappropriate. I know you don’t listen to reason or logic, but regardless of how you were upset (and let’s face it with what you went through anyone would be), you responded on multiple occasions in ways that were grossly inappropriate. More than that, your handling of situations that should not garner such responses were responded to with an unnecessary maliciousness.

Thanks for being nice about the fc thing. I literally just realized it was under your side pic. Some people get real mean when you miss info thats already on their blog. But yea, I know her from GOT. Thats why it was killing me. Because the side pic looks like a really young pic of her, you know what I mean?

I had totally forgotten I put that in my sidebar, to be honest, until about half an hour later.

That photo is from a shoot in the last couple years, I think. I do know what you mean, though, because she really looks quite different as Ygritte than in almost any other role. I strongly suspect it’s due to the costuming. Gwendolyn Christie has the same effect — she’s quite beautiful when out of costume, but I’d be hard put to call Brienne of Tarth /beautiful/ in a purely cosmetic sense.

But I just know from experience what it’s like to have people cut you off without giving you a reason OR when people give you the reason when it’s to late. For example, a mun will silently be frustrated about something but never bring it up and eventually because they never communicated their anger will have built up. They’ll send you the reason BUT then block you right after, allowing themselves the last word and not giving you any chance to say anything that’s why I get why you call people out

I just know from experience there are always two sides. Yes, of course it’s okay to block and ignore people. But when you do it without even bothering to give them a reason or communicate and use the excuse – only my feelings matter and I have to do only what’s best for me – it causes a lot of hurt and drama. Many muns actually use passive aggressive posts and the silent treatment as a way to get people to take the hint about what is wrong so they can put the full blame on you.

I’m just amazingly tired of tumblr people treating online rp as though it’s some kind of solitary pastime. As though it’s somehow different from inviting people to hang out with you in real life, and standing them up or cutting them off or outright ignoring them after they’ve shown up.

Gah, I promised myself I wouldn’t engage with this frustration tonight.

Sorry, nonnie, it’s not you.

Also I’ve noticed a huge trend in the RP community with a focus on only yourself and no one else. The trend is it’s okay to ignore people without telling them why, it’s okay to ignore people who ask if they want to roleplay instead of politely turning them down… it’s okay to not think of the other human being on the other side of the computer because only you matter. The result is actually a lot more ooc drama because people aren’t giving communication a chance because it’s the best for them.

… it’s like you’re reading my mind. Were you hiding in my kitchen this afternoon?

I just wanted to say I actually understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had experiences where people suddenly started ignoring me without telling me why. A lot of people have had this happen to them actually. Sometimes there is a good reason but in many cases misunderstandings happen when people don’t communicate to each other or make assumptions that the other person should know what is wrong. I think communication should be attempted before cutting someone off.

You are an unusual anon. I’m keeping you.