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I didn’t say it right. I never say it right. It’s not about speed of replies, I swear. I’m not good at patience but I understand it. It’s me being selfish and greedy and demanding. It’s wanting to have the same attention from people that I feel like I’m giving. I don’t know how to explain this without making people feel bad. I swear it’s not about you, it’s me. It’s always me. I wasn’t trying to guilt anyone or be passive-aggressive; I just thought people should know — I don’t know what I thought.

I was trying to express that I was letting go. Because I have been told that I’m an annoyance, that I make people lose their muse, that I drive people away from rping by being in the inbox constantly and replying quickly. That if I do the askbox things I’m forcing a ship. That if I wish people would do my askbox things I’m expecting too much.

I tried to do the right thing and I messed it up. I always mess it up. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, or guilt them.

*wry* It doesn’t look like any of you actually listened to the part about “you don’t have to reply” anyway, since I got four replies in between.

drunkknightofcamelot replied to your post “You don’t need to worry about replying to me anymore. I know you would…”

Don’t be like that D: I’d love to roleplay with you. I always get lost with replies and stuffs and I haven’t had any inbox from you for like… ages. I replied to the last one I got. You don’t bother me or make me loose my muse!

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Okay, listen up, because this post both made me…

consultinsociopath replied to your post “You don’t need to worry about replying to me anymore. I know you would…”

Wait what? You don’t make me lose my muse hunny. I’ve just been busy finishing school. I haven’t rped at all today really.

sonofpendragon replied to your post “You don’t need to worry about replying to me anymore. I know you would…”

[as am working on your reply]

turpisvirtute replied to your post “You don’t need to worry about replying to me anymore. I know you would…”

I have your replies, somewhere, and I’m doing you’re meme right now.

Jaime Hardee pelted through Beacon Hills Preserve, continually risking glances over his shoulder. In between ‘44 is too old for this’ and ‘I’m too young to die’, he tried to figure out if he was being chased for some personal reason or just because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just starting down the list of people he might have offended, throwing another glance over his shoulder, when his time ran out.


Summer Rainault crouched by the side of the massive stump, sleeves shoved up her arms. The wind blew a strand of red hair into her face, and absently she stripped it back behind one ear. The body was laid across the wood in a way that was clearly deliberate, the wide-legged ‘Vitruvian Man’ pose, eerily reminiscent of crucifixion.

She swallowed hard, trying to breathe carefully. It wasn’t the scent — there was very little of that — so much as the lingering aura of absolute terror. She pulled the camera from its slung position behind her back and focused in on the slit wrists — cuts that were utterly clean of blood, yet ran nearly the length of the forearm. She had to steel herself for a long minute before she could snap any shots of the face.

The man’s face was seamed with wrinkles, the skin age-soft and hair nearly pure white. Every visible joint was knobby with arthritis. Except for the cuts, and the positioning of the body, he could easily have died of old age.

“I don’t think you did,” she muttered to the body. “Something killed you. What was it?”