All I’m going to say is I’m sorry. I’m sorry for any wrongs or perceived wrongs. I know any requests for forgiveness would fall on deaf ears, but I will leave the question there, unasked, but there. I do hope you have a wonderful life, especially with your wedding upcoming. Thank you for your words and considerations. And again; I am sorry.

I don’t think it can be that easy. You’ve said the words; I accept that. Can you give me back what you took? Do you even understand what you took from me? Your choices took mine away. I’m not sure I /should/ forgive that.

There are people who won’t play with me now because you went to them and spoke about me. Those people aren’t going to come back to me.

There’s so much more I’m thinking, but I don’t know if you can understand most of it. I’m not sure I can phrase it in a way that anyone else would understand it, truthfully.

I accept that you have made the apology. I don’t forgive you — whether intentionally or not, you woke my deepest fear and used it as a weapon to hurt me. I’m still bleeding from that. In a week, maybe; in a month, maybe. When I stop wondering if the reason I don’t get a reply from someone is because you spoke to them about me.