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They made love slowly by the fire, whispering sweet promises among the kisses and moans. Summer dragged her nails down his back, leaving marks that healed in minutes, and whimpered his name every time she came. At last they lay tangled together, damp with sweat and smiling at each other like idiots.

Their bodies moved together in a way that only lovers could, they knew each spot to make the other shiver and they pressed close to one another, his body contorting as her nails left temporary indents into his back. Soon they lay there, sated and exhausted and happy, his fingers carding through her sweaty locks as he gazed at her, still panting slightly, “I love you, Summer.”

Ace drew his shower curtains and stepped down on his mat, towel wrapped low around his waist. Just as he moved to tend to his scruff before the mirror, he tripped over something fluffy. Looking down, he saw Helios at his feet, ears flattened, eyes narrowed to slits. “How did you…?”




Helios licked his nose insolently, before bending to lick drops of water off Ace’s feet. He washed one spot assiduously, before hopping in the shower and looking up at the shower head. Then he looked at Ace, tail waving, and back at the shower head.

The way he touched her mouth made her wonder just what ‘slow’ meant to him, because that kind of touch pretty much just turned her on. But if he wanted to take it slow, she’d do slow. With a quiet sigh, she leaned her head against his shoulder.


Ace didn’t quite know what the word ‘slow’ meant to himself. He’s never had to think on it; his partners were the ones that lead the way, and, step by step, he fell into place, careful not to trespass on their comfort levels whatsoever. When she laid her head against his shoulder, he, himself gave a rather content sigh, lolling his head to the side to rest his cheek against the crown of her head.

m!a: for the next four days you’re in heat! it’s mating season for werewolves, and you have hot flashes, hyper-enhanced senses, and a desire to mate that will not quit. Anyone that crosses your view, but particularly anyone you’re already attached to, is fair game to you. Nothing will help for long, so you’re just going to have to ride it out.




Isaac cried out in surprise at the sudden rush of feeling and arousal slamming into him like a freight train, eyes comically wide as his knees buckled. Slumping against the wall, he gazed up at the approaching figure, pleading with his eyes as he let out a pitiful little whimper.

She snorted and pulled him into the bathroom. “Who’s strange, Mr Wolf-man, o he who howls at the full moon? I am merely an ordinary girl caught up in a strange world of supernatural beings of unnatural beauty and sexiness.”

Isaac blinked, allowed his jaw to drop a little before he appeared to be repeating her words to himself a few times, then shaking his head in fond despair. “You’re far from ordinary, Summer, and I kind of like that.”

[ t h e ~ e n d ]

everyone has secrets



Rather than reply at first, she wrapped him in a projection of her love for him: warm and safe and sweet, fierce to protect him from pain. “Je t’amie, my wolf,” she whispered. “Je t’amie.”

Trembling with the force of the emotion rising from her in waves, Isaac beamed and curled closer against her, pressing his lips to the side of her neck. “Moi aussi.”

Your muse comes home to find my muse on their doorstep, curled up and asleep and clearly waiting for your muse. What does your muse do?




He gently kneels down and shakes her arm. “Summer? You’re gonna get cold out here.” He speaks softly.

Her laugh came again, even more warped, like her lungs were full of broken glass. “I should stay away, until we figure this out. Do you not even hear what you say?” Summer backed Arthur up against the wall, shattering under the conflict of desire and honour. “If you wish me to stay, you must order it, my lord. You must order it right now.”

Arthur tensed as he was backed up into the wall and tensed against it. He didn’t like it when someone was this close to him, friend or for, it wasn’t something that Arthur was used to. “I order you to your room. Stay there, until we can stop this enchantment over you.” He spoke, quickly moving to the side and back to his desk, wanting distance.

The blazing intensity in Summer’s eyes went out abruptly, shuttered behind her eyelids. When she opened them again, something blank and broken filled her face. She failed to meet his eyes at all, only curtseyed with mute grace and left the room obediently.



Well, Doc was small, but she was definitely not shiny. She was sleek and dark, with a few pale spots turning her coat calico. Green-gold eyes peered up at Jarvis, occasionally flicking over to check on Boris. She tipped her chin up, eyes slitting almost closed, and began to purr loudly.

“Hm.”  The hum was brief, and quietly amused.  He gave Doc a few final scritches under her chin, before he reached up to steady Boris, and then levered himself to his feet (up and up and uuuupppp good grief he’s tall).  He made his way back out into the corridor.  After all, he still had chores to do (well, not really, Mr. Stark likely wouldn’t care what he did, but he preferred to keep himself occupied).

Doc darted off when Jarvis got up, crouching with feet tucked under by the couch as he left. She gave an impudent lash of her tail toward Boris, then laid her chin down and went to sleep.



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[ ❧ ─   He wasn’t really sure what Summer was doing at his flat — not that he really minded the company of another living thing besides his dog because sometimes he just wanted to relax but Crayon had grown enough to jump up on the couch and lick his face. And you do not want that dog to lick your face.

But still, they hardly knew each other and Xavier was more than surprised when her fingertips brushed against the lower part of his torso, making him grab her wrist abruptly and give her a weird look.

               “What’re you doing, love?”

She held up two fingers, with a slim shining strand between them. “Hair. Sorry. I’m shedding on you.”

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     ”I‘m not stopping you, y’know.”

“You — you can’t possibly — ” Except, of course, he did. She could taste it, unfamiliar and so tempting. The knowledge shocks every other emotion out of her. From pale, she colours, ducking her head. Too many responses tangle on her tongue, leaving her speechless, able only to give him a pleading look.

        “B-but I do,” he stutters, falling silent and for a long time he observes her, the way she reacts, the way she pales and lowers her head, the way she remains silent. “But your my feelings aren’t returned,” Mordred mutters, nodding slightly before he turns and heads out of the room.

Summer is still captive to shock when Mordred walks away, and the most she can do is lift a hand, take a fumbling step forward, before he is gone. Blindly, she makes her way back to the lower town, conscious of very little save that she had someone hurt him irredeemably, and did not know how to fix it.