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Summer actually yelped a little when he snarled. It wasn’t fear so much as shock at the sheer unexpectedness of it. She went completely limp the moment he touched her wrists, offering an apologetic glance, though she also shared a bubble of laughter with him. /Knowing/, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was not going to purposely hurt her made it oddly exciting, and she cried out when he took her.

She yelped again when he bit her, though, because although she knew he was a vampire, she knew he could not turn her, she /knew/ he was in predator mode, it was still genuinely painful at first. Then the endorphins rolled over her, and she arched into him, panting. “Oh, oh, oh god Victor.”

Victor hummed, tasting a bit of her blood, the taste and scent sending a rush through him. “You may touch me now.” He licked at the wound, knowing how tender it would be, and knowing that the slightest stimulation would still send jolts through her spine. “Do you like that Summer?”

“God, Victor.” Every limb trembled just under the rush from the bite; she hadn’t even climaxed yet. “Please, oh god, please.” Wrists still linked, she hooked her arms over his head, burying her fingers in his hair.

Almost lazily Victor took her cuffed wrists and broke the chain, allowing her to fully touch him. Then he angled his hips so that he could hit the spot that would send her over the edge. He sucked at the spot where he had bitten her and tongued the marks in time with his thrusts. “I’m no god, Summer, but I don’t mind being called one,” he half chuckled against her skin.

Hazily, she thought, ‘I’ll have to replace that chain later,’ but most of her was occupied with raking her hands through his hair, tugging in time with their rhythm. She bit her lip, arching her back, and that was it; pleasure exploded up her spine, wringing a drawn-out gasp from her mouth.