” — well, no, you don’t really get to know who your neighbours are before you move in, Sam!” Summer laughs. “But I lucked out. I seem to have landed in a whole group of kindred spirits, it’s just a shame most of them are already paired off to each other. Seriously, it’s like incest or something.”

The people on the other side of the voice chat speak, and she grins and laughs again. “Fine, fine, I won’t use that word. But there are a lot of cute people here and I can’t touch! Merlin and Mordred are together, and let me tell you, I would be in that sandwich in a heartbeat. /Doc/ would be in that sandwich. I’m pretty sure Tony and Xavier are going out, too.” She sighs. “Yeah, I know, but there is one straight couple! … are you serious? I would go out with any of them in a heartbeat. Aithusa, Arthur — maybe not Sherlock. I’m not sure Sherlock has a libido.”