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As soon as Summer got back from her two day trip, Merlin went off to her flat. He didn’t bother knocking; he simply waltzed in and fell on her couch, resting his head on her lap. “Tony and Mordred got married. And Xavier was the one to fucking tell me.”

” … what.”

Well, that explained the atmosphere, anyway. If all four of them were mad at each other — because she just could /not/ believe Tony and Morrie had /intended/ to go off and get married — she was surprised the building was still standing. Summer turned her face into the couch cushions and growled.

“Which one do you want me to kill first?”

She wasn’t serious, but the sentiment was apt.

“Merry Christmas, darling!”

Summer grinned hugely at Merlin. “Merry Christmas, sugar~!” She grabbed his hands and pulled him into the living room, lit solely with strings of faery lights and a little Christmas tree. Doc lay under the tree, washing a paw innocently. She yanked him into a tight hug, then gestured behind her, where every pillow and blanket she owned lay in a heap. “I was just about to build a movie-watching divan.”

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