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for gods sake just stop! just stop already, this is just like the other day, someone who wouldn’t reveal their name or face going about trying to make trouble between sydney and gayle and half a dozen other people getting involved and just PLEASE FUCKING STOP

how they do their friendship is their business, and you can be annoyed at someone or hurt by them and STILL BE THEIR FRIEND AND NOT NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO GO ABOUT SPREADING SLANDERS.

just STOP

m!a: Remember || Semi-Closed



             ”Hi – you look familiar. I’ve got a question for you. Do you know who and where I am? Because I don’t and I’m starting to panic.”

“Merlin? Oh, whoa, okay.” Summer put a hand to her forehead. “Okay, okay. You’re Merlin. You live here, well, in this building, with a guy named Arthur, tall blond annoying fellow. I’m Summer — we’re best friends.”