Summer paused, eyeing the blonde in her doorway with a slight smile, before she put down the stack of books and walked over to Calli. She took her wrist and pulled her close, then slipped a hand behind Calli’s neck and gently tugged until their mouths met. It was not a particularly involved kiss, but it was slow and sweet and shaped to leave them both regretful when it ended. Then Summer smiled again and pointed upward. “Careful where you stop.”



     Honestly, all Calli wanted to do was give Summer her mail that had accidentally been put in her box.

     But when Summer kissed her, Calli was shocked, and all she could manage to do was clench her fists during and wipe her lips with the back of her hand after. ”Right, I’m not sure who the hell you think you are, but think you’re someone who needs to learn a thing or two about boundaries.” The blonde snapped, finally unclenching her fist and making her way back across the hall to her own flat, turning around to shoot a final glare at the red haired girl.

     ”Careful who you cross.” She warned, before opening her door and slamming it shut after making her way inside.

“It was just mistletoe,” Summer muttered, thoroughly puzzled and just a little hurt.

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… and now I’m crying and wow and ow and just


but yes okay

Summer stared at her phone — at those two texts — for what felt like ages but was more like a second or two, before she shook it into her shoulder bag and took off down the street. ‘You failed again,’ cried the little voice, the voice she hated with all her heart, in the back of her mind. Fiercely she told it to shut up and ran harder.

He’d cut a vein? What the hell? He’d been happy; Mordred was back from his tour and they were deeply in love; they were going to move in together; usually he would talk to her about these things before they got out of hand — as clearly something had. Hair tangled in her eyelashes and she shoved it impatiently out of the way, fumbling her keys off her hip and taking the stairs two at a time.

“Mordred? Merlin?” Summer yelled down the hall, stopping herself short just barely before crashing into Merlin’s flat’s door.

♔ ✺ √ f $ ☏☼ ✆ * ✘ ⁇ because why not!



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Summer grinned over her shoulder at Rhodey. “Careful there, cowboy. You don’t want to startle me.”

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First a startled gasp, then her voice became smooth and tempting. “Well, hello there.”

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She squeaked, and started to pound her fists on his back. “James Rhodes, you put me down right now! This /minute/! I can walk!”

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“Rhodey? You do realise I still know what you’re doing, right? I don’t have to se—ooh … “

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She smacked his hand. “None of that!” But she was laughing while she said it.

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[text to: warmachine] you are a heartless man. don’t make me retaliate in kind

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Summer just flicked a glance at Rhodey, before slipping her own hand under the table and putting it over his. “Patience,” she murmured.

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“Look, I don’t know what kind of girl you think I am, but definitely not /that/ kind. It’s not a game, you idiot.”

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She sighed. “Rhodey, I don’t /do/ no-strings-attached. I /always/ get attached, you know that.”

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Summer barely lifted her eyes from her book.

//OH HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!!! Also, Summer sounds awfully cold in some of these. Way to live up to the namesake lol.

She’s got opinions, very strong opinions, on certain ways of looking at sex, and a couple of those particular ones hit it. The rest of them, well, she’s not objecting!