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Oh hi social anxiety, I did not miss you.

I realised this morning (morning?) that if something was important enough to keep me up for three hours working it out in my head, it was important enough to write down. Buckle in for unpopular roleplay opinions.

Remember that conversation I had last night? The one about OCs, and writing with them? Yeah, That started because I asked, “What do you perceive as the difference between an OC and a character like Skye with currently very little canon story?”

And the answer, basically, is “Skye’s limited information is accessible to me in a way that I prefer, and she is presented from the beginning as interacting with a character I accept as canon.”

And that is bullshit.

I’m going to use my Summer as the opposing example here, because I’m a horrible person who thinks everything revolves around her. By doing a very little reading, you know a great deal more information about Summer than we know right now about Skye.

You know her history. What’s Skye’s history?

You know her name. Is Skye her real name? What’s her last name?

You know her family. Does Skye have a family? Where are they? What kind of relationship does she have with them?

You know what kind of job she does, both as a superheroine and as a normal person. How does Skye make her money?

You know her powers. Does Skye have any powers? She’s presented as a genius hacker, but so far there’s actually not a lot of detail beyond her own claims to support that.

In terms of personality, there is exactly as much information available for Summer as there is for Skye — the difference being that Summer’s information is presented via writing in interactions with other roleplay characters, and Skye’s information is presented via television in interactions with other new characters.

To say to me, “With Skye, i’ve seen her interact with other people that Tony already has a background with – Coulson, May – and I’ve seen how she reacts to them. I’ve seen how /they/ react to her, and therefor, Tony already has a baseline for how he would react to her, to what she does for a living” is to utterly, utterly denigrate all the work I’ve put into shaping Summer as a character, in writing with other people and thereby fleshing her out.

It’s also showing yourself up as a lazy roleplayer who is apparently incapable of getting enough into character as to figure out how your muse would deal with someone brand new.

So somebody explain to me this, because it seems to be the key problem with OCs: why is it considered so hard to write your muse meeting someone new? Why do you have to have a preexisting concept of that other muse before you can imagine how your character would react to them?

And given all the information that is available about my muse that isn’t available about these new ‘canon’ muses, why am I being slighted in favour of someone who is making up just as much information about their muse as I have about mine, simply because you happened to watch a tv show where they interact with a minor canon character?

What’s the difference between all the roleplay history that you demand people be aware of when coming to interact with your muse and all the roleplay history I’ve created for mine?

If you can’t figure out how your muse meets someone new, maybe you shouldn’t be roleplaying.

Fair point, I don’t have much available more than my about page and my muse tag. I do have a drabble tag, though most of them are either responses to asks or particular partners. You are sort of implying there, even if it’s not what you mean, that you did not take the time to read about pages before deciding how to handle OC muses.




No, i read your whole about page, and your rules. But just because i know your characters history doesn’t mean i know how I would react to them, or how they would react to my own character.

I’m not sure I see how that makes sense — if you read that information, then you know just as much about Summer as you do Skye. The biggest difference is that with Skye you have a visual reference, and with Summer you have a written reference.

No…With Skye, i’ve seen her interact with other people that Tony already has a background with – Coulson, May – and I’ve seen how she reacts to them. I’ve seen how /they/ react to her, and therefor, Tony already has a baseline for how he would react to her, to what she does for a living.

So you see Skye as already being embedded in that world, and Summer — or any OC — as being a little external to it, because the other interactions aren’t there. Okay.

You’re right. There is no right way to play. But there is a sort of unspoken rule that threads are only known to the people playing them unless otherwise stated. I don’t find any fault in your roleplay at all. It’s just this situation that is obviously uncomfortable for the other muse. Even the muse said you shouldn’t know and is trying to get your muse to drop it. You can do whatever you want and I can’t speak for them, but I know I’d feel awkward.


When that mun comes to me and says, please don’t, that’s when I listen. You, on the other hand, are … well. Stop shoving your preferences off on me.

And if you’re going to continue to hang around me, you want to check the rules of engagement page.

Once more, for posterity: I am not my muse. My muse is not me. Her reactions to things are not mine. And I do other muns the same courtesy.

No, actually. It was just me trying to keep you from embarrassing yourself. You can play with anyone whom you want to, and no one is allowed to tell you otherwise. But you were kind of breaking the forth wall and it was uncomfortable to watch, because your character shouldn’t be aware of what their characters were up to. I was trying to be vague and polite, but I can see it was taken the wrong way, i apologize. But you are definitely not going about playing with them in the right way,,,

I’m so tired of having to explain my reasonings.

Let me make this simple: I don’t get embarrassed about the way I play. Ever. I do what I do.

There is no such thing as ‘the right way’ to play.

That first message? That person chose to take it as in-character. I’m going along with that. I’ll admit, it’s hard to tell IC from OOC sometimes. But I was merely commenting as a person on the roleplay.

And, you know, you’ll get better results if you use your name.


There’s been a lot of this going on lately and it sickens me. One of our own mods had to delete her account because she feared that the safety of not only herself, but her family as well, was at stake.

This shouldn’t be happening.

Not only is it illegal, it’s morally wrong as well. People need to grow the fuck up and stop being butthurt and selfish. There is absolutely no reason at all to abuse the anonymous system to make someone feel like they don’t belong.

I agree with this 100%, but the fact that it comes from this person, who has committed this act, sickens me.

Look. She doesn’t see you as a friend. Leave her alone. Please. You really don’t understand how annoying you are. She wants nothing to do with you, just accept it and move on. It’s creepy.

And … she can’t tell me this herself? My maudlin meanderings of a couple nights ago, after, hmmm, months of actually still following her, what, triggered something? And … you took it upon yourself to protect her?

Go fuck yourself. My feelings, my thoughts, I can do what I want with them. We can go round and round on this all day; see your first ask.

However she thinks of me, according to you, doesn’t affect how I think of her. She’s a brilliant roleplayer and a wonderful person, I really liked writing with her, and I miss her. I’m not ashamed to have that known, and truthfully I’ve got less than no reason to believe anything you say.

Take off your sparkly painted mask, quit following me, and be honest to me about yourself, and you’ll get a better hearing.

Don’t call me “kid” either. Thank you. theironaudi. Leave Tony and Tonymun alone, in every way possible. Don’t refer to them, don’t talk to them, don’t even think about them. Got it?

And here is where I tell you to go fuck yourself. If I want to worry about someone, if I miss someone, if I’m concerned about someone — it is no fucking concern of yours. Neither you nor anyone else has any option to tell me how to feel or what to do with it.

Audimun is a person who is a friend. Regardless of if she feels the same to me, I consider her a friend, and I think of her, I miss her, I wish her well.

Allow me to repeat myself, /child/, since you’ve been struggling all along.

Go fuck yourself.