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don’t mind me, random idle musings when I’m up way too late

otp: fireiron – longterm sexual/romantic relationship with Tony Stark/Gadget (gadgeteerphilanthropist) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

ot3: frostironfire – sexual/romantic relationship with Loki/Flyte (mischiefandflyte) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: night and day – sexual/romantic relationship with Victor Roth (iamvictor-roth) {v: modern}

otp: hwacha! – potentially sexual/romantic relationship with Clint Barton/Hawk (nestinghawk) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

heart-sibling/friendship with Daniel Jackson (spacemonkeysg1) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

mutual mild intolerance with Loki/Raven (raventheprinceofmischief) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

friendship with Thor/Divine (adivinegod) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: fire and ice – off and on sexual/awkwardly hidden romantic relationship with Loki (greensilvr [formerly lokilaufeyyson])

otp: you are my fetish – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Vex (theyrecompletelymesmerized) {v: lost girl}

heart-sibling/friendship with Merlin (wordlesswarlock) {v: arthurian summer}

friendship/budding romantic relationship with Percival (sirpercivalofcamelot) {v: arthurian summer}

unrequited romantic interest in Oliver Lowell (picaresque-hero) {v: modern}

friendship?/unrequited sexual interest with Stanley (usurperpredator) {v: modern}

unrequited&concealed sexual interest in Tom Hiddleston (dementedpudding, theonenamedtomhiddleston, thefluffyromantic)

secret admirer/crush on Isaac Lahey (thenameislahey) {v: teen wolf}

secret admirer/crush on Allison Argent (insidiousxsilver) {v: teen wolf}

unwilling soulmates with Derek Hale (howlinginhale) {v: teen wolf; soulmates}

cuddle buddies with Danny Mahealani (dannyloveshisarmani) {v: teen wolf}

otp: lioness and wolf – sexual/romantic relationship with Isaac Lahey (freezerpuppy) {v: teen wolf} 

otp: bloody hearts – sexual/antagonist relationship with Damon Salvatore (damonpsychopathsalvatore) {v: modern}

what even is going on with Puck/Robin Goodfellow (robinprankstergoodfellow)

screwing around with Phil Coulson (broken-weapon) {v: marvel}

screwing around with Pietro Maximoff (fastestquickestmutant) {v: marvel}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Gabriel (archangelswag) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

[absent] friendship/sexual interest with Fenrir (fenrir-the-monster-wolf)

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Duke Humphrey (dukehumphrey) {v: medieval summer}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic interest in Dyson (d-man-howl) {v: lost girl}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Robert Downey Jr (incredibly-gifted-faker) {v: modern}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic relationship with Toni Stark (tinmantonystark [formerly redmetalandgold])

[absent] otp: the druid knight and the firelady – sexual/romantic relationship with Mordred (turpisvirtute) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship?/unrequited romantic interest in Arthur (sonofpendragon) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship with Merlin (merlinyouidioticservant) {flatmate!au}

[absent] otp: opposites attract – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Sherlock Holmes (consultinsociopath) {flatmate!au}

[absent] older-sibling/friendship with Xavier Rud (xavierrud) {flatmate!au}

[absent] friendship/unrequited&concealed sexual interest with Tony Stonem (the-stonem) {flatmate!au}