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Oh god Tamsin. Tamsin x Kenzi BEST. And that last ep, so much wtf. Bo, bby, what is going on? Go sex with your Dyson.

Vex stepped on my hair once.

Tamsin/Kenzi are my new favorites together I SWEAR. Right along with Bo/Kenzi. The Wanderer must have done something to her because of the mark or SOMETHING. They should just make Bo/Dyson/Lauren a threeway by now it’s already nearly that.

I loooove Vex but there hasn’t been enough of him lately.

I had a feeling everything was going to connect to Trick because he had all that power trip.

But Hale/Kenzi are my show otp.

If Vex has his way there will be a threeway. I am predicting this.

Trick confuses me. But then the whole ‘many 1000s of years old’ thing they try to do sometimes confuses me. Lost Girl is one of those shows like Teen Wolf where the season does not make sense until the end.

Bo/Kenzi/Tamsin are my girl-buds OT3 for that show, srsly; I want to see them have a night on the town. And I REALLY want Kenzi and Hale to get together properly because there is an undercurrent there from the pixie dust that I want to see played out. (Also, you know, the whole summer-yule ep with them just KILLED me.)

I saw you and you saved me from myself | closed


Soulmates weren’t something Derek really believed in too much, because it was a ridiculous notion even with the ticking clock on his wrist and all the others. How could something decide what two people were destined when most times they never encountered before? How did whatever this higher power was decide chemistry would work well and two could mesh years into minutes? It was stupid and Derek didn’t want any part of it but that didn’t seem to matter much to the universe. When did Derek’s thoughts matter, really? Try never.

Gazing up at the girl — no, his soulmate — Derek didn’t know what to say. He never met her before (big surprise) but at least she looked just as shocked as he did. That made him feel the least bit better but not by much. Sighing deeply, he pushed himself back to his feet, keeping an eye on her in case she ran or something. He was apparently an intimidating person or something like that — he tended to zone out when Scott talked.

“Look at that, zeros all across the board,” Derek muttered, running a hand over his face. “What’s your name?” May as well know the name of his soulmate before he confessed all of this was stupid and he didn’t believe in it.

“Summer,” she managed, still caught by his eyes. She lifted her wrist, showing him the zeros.

This? Years of knowing she was always going to be different, that she would never /have/ a soulmate, of being resigned (pretending to be resigned) — what part of her, of the light she’s fought to keep alive and share, matches this man?

But if there’s one thing that’s true about Summer Rainault, it’s that she doesn’t give up without trying. There must be something here. Some reason, something she can reach, something he can do and she can do — and the only way to find out is to try.

She blinks, finally, and looks away. “I guess we should talk.”

Summer Rainault brushed her hands over her dress again, smoothing nonexistent wrinkles from the fabric. Tonight was the culmination of months of hope, weeks of planning, and days of daring activity. She’d get her freedom back, and maybe, just maybe, start to earn the heart of someone she cared about very much.

Even if they’d never met yet. If he didn’t reject her at the door.

She turned the amethyst bracelet on her wrist, fingertips sliding over the heart charms dangling from it. The pure purple of the stone set off her pale green dress, and she hoped the signal would be clear enough, between bracelet, earrings, and cabochon choker. Taking a deep breath to subdue the butterflies in her stomach, she hung her keys from the strap of her tiny shoulder bag, and pushed away from her car.

Waiting would only make her more nervous. She tossed her red hair over her shoulder, squared them, and marched up the sidewalk. Another deep breath to steady herself, and she pushed the doorbell to Derek Hale’s flat.

“Hi,” she said softly, when he opened the door.



In a universe where everyone is born with numbers on their wrists counting down to when they’ll meet their soulmate, send me 00:00:00 for my muses reaction to their numbers hitting zero when they meet yours.

The soulmate countdown was something everyone preoccupied themselves with at one point or another throughout the day. Often without really concious thought about it. Someone would rub their fingertips against it, gaze at it, brush it up against their heart as if that somehow synched the two beatings into one.

The clock was meant to countdown towards the meeting of a soulmate. Tick, tick, tick. Every number falling lower and lower until that moment would arrive.

For Derek Hale his countdown started to mess up at the age of nine, which perplexed everyone because that wasn’t meant to happen. His counting went haywire and would alternate between rising and falling numbers. It could move down but then would suddenly move up. No one had any way of knowing this was because his soulmate was facing trouble. The number would rise in the heat of the danger and would fall back down where it should have been when the danger cleared.

They first encountered one another when Derek was twelve years old but they weren’t ready yet and the numbers fiddled until they rose a little higher. It wasn’t the moment but a faint beep happened anyway, not that either one paid any attention to it.

It was when Derek was eighteen that the countdown finally reached 24 hours left. The very next day he would finally meet his soulmate and try as he might he couldn’t sleep at all that night. He went about his day and everytime he thought it was her — it turned out not to be.

No, the moment he actually met his soulmate once and for all was when he was about to step into the street and into oncoming danger he wasn’t noticing but pulled back just in the nick of time with a thud. He was left to stare up into the eyes he was meant to be with forever.


                                       This time the numbers actually read zero.

It was like any other scar on her body; in times of stress, Summer would run her fingertips over it. The soulmate countdown. She’d long since quit paying attention to the numbers. They had seemed to spiral out of control the first time she had an empathy-induced seizure, spiking up and down erratically.

That was when she had decided she wasn’t actually meant to have a soulmate.

After all, who could possibly be destined to be with someone like her? Someone born broken, forced to listen as others around her met their soulmates. Forced to know the hidden things, the things people didn’t want others to see.

So she didn’t notice that her clock dropped sharply with the first fire she shaped of someone else’s emotions, or again when she moved upstate.

Summer didn’t notice that days had become hours on the clock, while she unpacked her electronics and clothes, bought her coursebooks. She didn’t pay attention to the fact that hours had become minutes, while she steeled herself for the first day of college. And she didn’t see that minutes had become seconds when she felt the driver’s spike of panic and flung out both hands to snatch the tall, dark stranger back from the oncoming truck.


His eyes were whiskey brown, and she couldn’t stop herself paling at the darkness that lurked within them.

don’t mind me, random idle musings when I’m up way too late

otp: fireiron – longterm sexual/romantic relationship with Tony Stark/Gadget (gadgeteerphilanthropist) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

ot3: frostironfire – sexual/romantic relationship with Loki/Flyte (mischiefandflyte) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: night and day – sexual/romantic relationship with Victor Roth (iamvictor-roth) {v: modern}

otp: hwacha! – potentially sexual/romantic relationship with Clint Barton/Hawk (nestinghawk) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

heart-sibling/friendship with Daniel Jackson (spacemonkeysg1) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

mutual mild intolerance with Loki/Raven (raventheprinceofmischief) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

friendship with Thor/Divine (adivinegod) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: fire and ice – off and on sexual/awkwardly hidden romantic relationship with Loki (greensilvr [formerly lokilaufeyyson])

otp: you are my fetish – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Vex (theyrecompletelymesmerized) {v: lost girl}

heart-sibling/friendship with Merlin (wordlesswarlock) {v: arthurian summer}

friendship/budding romantic relationship with Percival (sirpercivalofcamelot) {v: arthurian summer}

unrequited romantic interest in Oliver Lowell (picaresque-hero) {v: modern}

friendship?/unrequited sexual interest with Stanley (usurperpredator) {v: modern}

unrequited&concealed sexual interest in Tom Hiddleston (dementedpudding, theonenamedtomhiddleston, thefluffyromantic)

secret admirer/crush on Isaac Lahey (thenameislahey) {v: teen wolf}

secret admirer/crush on Allison Argent (insidiousxsilver) {v: teen wolf}

unwilling soulmates with Derek Hale (howlinginhale) {v: teen wolf; soulmates}

cuddle buddies with Danny Mahealani (dannyloveshisarmani) {v: teen wolf}

otp: lioness and wolf – sexual/romantic relationship with Isaac Lahey (freezerpuppy) {v: teen wolf} 

otp: bloody hearts – sexual/antagonist relationship with Damon Salvatore (damonpsychopathsalvatore) {v: modern}

what even is going on with Puck/Robin Goodfellow (robinprankstergoodfellow)

screwing around with Phil Coulson (broken-weapon) {v: marvel}

screwing around with Pietro Maximoff (fastestquickestmutant) {v: marvel}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Gabriel (archangelswag) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

[absent] friendship/sexual interest with Fenrir (fenrir-the-monster-wolf)

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Duke Humphrey (dukehumphrey) {v: medieval summer}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic interest in Dyson (d-man-howl) {v: lost girl}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Robert Downey Jr (incredibly-gifted-faker) {v: modern}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic relationship with Toni Stark (tinmantonystark [formerly redmetalandgold])

[absent] otp: the druid knight and the firelady – sexual/romantic relationship with Mordred (turpisvirtute) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship?/unrequited romantic interest in Arthur (sonofpendragon) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship with Merlin (merlinyouidioticservant) {flatmate!au}

[absent] otp: opposites attract – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Sherlock Holmes (consultinsociopath) {flatmate!au}

[absent] older-sibling/friendship with Xavier Rud (xavierrud) {flatmate!au}

[absent] friendship/unrequited&concealed sexual interest with Tony Stonem (the-stonem) {flatmate!au}