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don’t mind me, random idle musings when I’m up way too late

otp: fireiron – longterm sexual/romantic relationship with Tony Stark/Gadget (gadgeteerphilanthropist) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

ot3: frostironfire – sexual/romantic relationship with Loki/Flyte (mischiefandflyte) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: night and day – sexual/romantic relationship with Victor Roth (iamvictor-roth) {v: modern}

otp: hwacha! – potentially sexual/romantic relationship with Clint Barton/Hawk (nestinghawk) linked with Gadget {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

heart-sibling/friendship with Daniel Jackson (spacemonkeysg1) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

mutual mild intolerance with Loki/Raven (raventheprinceofmischief) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

friendship with Thor/Divine (adivinegod) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

otp: fire and ice – off and on sexual/awkwardly hidden romantic relationship with Loki (greensilvr [formerly lokilaufeyyson])

otp: you are my fetish – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Vex (theyrecompletelymesmerized) {v: lost girl}

heart-sibling/friendship with Merlin (wordlesswarlock) {v: arthurian summer}

friendship/budding romantic relationship with Percival (sirpercivalofcamelot) {v: arthurian summer}

unrequited romantic interest in Oliver Lowell (picaresque-hero) {v: modern}

friendship?/unrequited sexual interest with Stanley (usurperpredator) {v: modern}

unrequited&concealed sexual interest in Tom Hiddleston (dementedpudding, theonenamedtomhiddleston, thefluffyromantic)

secret admirer/crush on Isaac Lahey (thenameislahey) {v: teen wolf}

secret admirer/crush on Allison Argent (insidiousxsilver) {v: teen wolf}

unwilling soulmates with Derek Hale (howlinginhale) {v: teen wolf; soulmates}

cuddle buddies with Danny Mahealani (dannyloveshisarmani) {v: teen wolf}

otp: lioness and wolf – sexual/romantic relationship with Isaac Lahey (freezerpuppy) {v: teen wolf} 

otp: bloody hearts – sexual/antagonist relationship with Damon Salvatore (damonpsychopathsalvatore) {v: modern}

what even is going on with Puck/Robin Goodfellow (robinprankstergoodfellow)

screwing around with Phil Coulson (broken-weapon) {v: marvel}

screwing around with Pietro Maximoff (fastestquickestmutant) {v: marvel}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Gabriel (archangelswag) {v: marvel; gadgetverse}

[absent] friendship/sexual interest with Fenrir (fenrir-the-monster-wolf)

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Duke Humphrey (dukehumphrey) {v: medieval summer}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic interest in Dyson (d-man-howl) {v: lost girl}

[absent] sexual/romantic relationship with Robert Downey Jr (incredibly-gifted-faker) {v: modern}

[absent] budding sexual/romantic relationship with Toni Stark (tinmantonystark [formerly redmetalandgold])

[absent] otp: the druid knight and the firelady – sexual/romantic relationship with Mordred (turpisvirtute) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship?/unrequited romantic interest in Arthur (sonofpendragon) {v: arthurian summer}

[absent] friendship with Merlin (merlinyouidioticservant) {flatmate!au}

[absent] otp: opposites attract – sexual/budding romantic relationship with Sherlock Holmes (consultinsociopath) {flatmate!au}

[absent] older-sibling/friendship with Xavier Rud (xavierrud) {flatmate!au}

[absent] friendship/unrequited&concealed sexual interest with Tony Stonem (the-stonem) {flatmate!au}


☮: An argument I think my muse would have with yours.

They would argue about translation. All the time. It would have to do with precision of translation, and how word meanings have evolved, and cognates, and the relation of varying languages to others, and how much change might or might not have occurred, particularly if there’s no way the child language could refer back to the parent language (i.e. cut off via space travel).